What Urgency Of Coffee And Sweets Means, Psychological Meaning


If for example ,your inner voice tells you that you need more fun and you do not listen, you will have a strong desire for food which contains pyrazine , such as peanuts, Indian walnut or nuts because pyrazinones activates pleasure center in the brain.

See the psychological importance of the need for commonly used supplies:

  • Chocolate ice cream

Fear. Love disappointment followed by self-accusation.

  • French fries

Stress complemented with a sense of emptiness. The feeling that all trains leave and that we should as soon as possible do something and to move the blind spot.

  • Coffee

Fatigue and lack of energy due to activities that are meaningless or intimidating. Fatigue or disappointment at work.

  • Chicken

Desire for parental love, harmony in the family and looking for a simple and peaceful life.

  • Mayonnaise

Restlessness or uncertainty because of what we do. Desire for support and guidance.

  • Bread

Uncertainty and desire for comfort and soothing.

  • Sweets

Desire to escape from intimidating or stressful situation.



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