Learn How To Bleach Clothes Back To White Without Using Chlorine


How to bleach clothes back to white is a question every woman asks once in a while. Learn how to do it naturally using these simple ingredients!

One of the headaches of women who wash is to be able to return the natural white color to the clothes, especially when these are stained by some substance. It is a nightmare to bring them back to white again. One of the methods that women use is chlorine, but this damages the clothes in the long run and also the hands.

That’s why today we’ll present to you a natural way how to bleach clothes back to white. There are many more natural and effective ways that can be used to bring the natural color back to white clothing. Chlorine and products that are alike that severely affect both your clothing and your health are highly dangerous. They can even promote breathing problems and heart problems, all of which gets worse with time.

There are many natural ingredients which better than chlorine and other chemicals that whiten the clothes. We will teach you how to bleach clothes back to white and achieve it without endangering your health. Get to know them right now.

How to bleach clothes back to white with natural ingredients

White vinegar

It works wonderfully for whitening your clothes. You need to add 1 and ½ cup of distilled vinegar with the soap that you normally use when washing. You will notice the difference immediately.

Sodium bicarbonate

In addition to bleaching, it also softens clothing. You should add ½  cup of baking soda along with the soap and wash the laundry as you usually do. And that’s it.


You should do the same as with baking soda; so, ½ cup. Hydrogen peroxide is excellent bleach without chlorine.

Lemon juice

It serves to both whiten and refresh your clothes. You should add ½ cup of lemon juice with the detergent in the washer and wash your clothes.

Drying clothes in the sun

This is an ideal way to remove stains and give back the whiteness to the clothes. You will not believe it but it really works.

With any of these techniques, you can return the white color of the clothes. Try them and don’t forget to give us your comments. Also, don’t forget to SHARE these techniques with your friends and family!



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