How Guava Leaves Can Help You Fight Infections


Guava is a tropical fruit that has a wide range of health benefits. Most people focus on the fruit, but the leaves deserve the same attention because of their medicinal properties. They have several uses, particularly in fighting infections caused by bacteria.


If you have loose, watery stools, accompanied by abdominal pain or even fever, these are just some of the symptoms of diarrhea. If left untreated, you could become dehydrated and may even have bloody stools. While you can have diarrhea because of viruses, it can also be caused by bacteria from contaminated water or food. Among the bacteria that can cause diarrhea are:

-Escherichia coli

Guava leaves have been used to get rid of bacteria. You can boil 30 grams of the leaves along with a handful of rice flour. Add the two ingredients in up to two glasses of water. Consume the drink twice a day to stop bacteria growth.


Most of the time, bronchitis is caused by viruses, but there are also cases where it is due to bacteria. These bacteria are often chlamydia, mycoplasma, and bordetella pertussis, which also causes whooping cough. Symptoms of bronchitis are often the same as with common cold, including runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, and chilliness. Use guava leaves and make a tea out of them to help open up your lungs, while soothing your cough and loosening mucus.

Wounds and Other Infections

Guava leaves have powerful antibacterial properties that can help heal skin infections – even wounds due to surgeries. They can dry the wounds fast, prevent inflammation, and stops any other infections that could arise. The paste from the leaves can actually help heal ear infections as well.

You will need fresh leaves, which you should clean first before using. Boil the leaves in water until the liquid becomes dark green in color. Pour the water to a glass and let it get warm before pouring to the affected area. This method should be done two to three times a day until the wound is healed.

According to a study, guava leaf extracts can stop microorganisms that can cause infections, including E. coli, salmonella, bacillus cereus, and staphylococcus. The leaves have an essential oil with tannins, triterpenes, cineol, flavonoids, malic acid, eugenol, and chlorophyll among many others. These bioactive components have the ability to fight pathogens and even control blood sugar levels. These characteristics make guava leaves quite effective in fighting infections and inflammation.



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