Learn How To Prevent And How To Cure Prostatitis Without Antibiotics


How to prevent and how to cure prostatitis without antibiotics? Here are 5 home remedies that you could use in order to prevent going to the urologist!

When it comes to the subject of the prostate men tend to tremble just to hear that they need to do a test in which the urologist examines them in depth with his finger down there. However, this male taboo not to be touched by another man or even for health is uncovering.

Among the different pathologies that the prostate can suffer is prostatitis, which is the inflammation and irritation of this gland that is usually caused by bacteria, or parasites in the urinary tract, and also the formation of calculus in the kidneys.

Whether chronic or acute, follow these natural tips on how to cure prostatitis without antibiotics, prevent and stop it from happening to you in a simple way with homemade ingredients.

How to cure prostatitis without antibiotics

Among the symptoms brought on by prostatitis are fever, reddening of the dermis (external skin), chills and acute pain in the pelvis and perineum (area between the anus and testicles). If you have these symptoms you should go to an urologist, and follow these natural tips to forget about prostatitis.

1- Pumpkin seeds: These contain oil and natural fat to preserve the prostate 100% functional. In addition doctors ensure that is efficient to reduce pathologies in the urine pathways.

2- Watermelon seeds: The watermelon is a delicious fruit, and you can use its seeds to the maximum. You can buy them in natural stores and herbalists.

3- Carrot juice: It is one of the best supplements to treat prostatitis naturally and economically. You can prepare quite healthy juices using carrots and other fruits and vegetables.

4- Tomatoes: The numerous antioxidants present in the tomato, will make you forget about prostatitis in a natural way. Also, it will reduce the need to urinate that produces this disease.

5- Blueberries: They are excellent adjuvants of urine diseases, also very versatile when it comes to cooking.

The idea is to start using these natural tips to forget about prostatitis. Use these foods more often in your daily diet. Although, while it is always good before self-medicate, take the prior assistance of a specialist.

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