The Surgeons Are Silent After The Discovery That Camphor With Coffee Eliminates Loosened Skin In Arms


As time passes, our organism as well as the whole body changes from the inside and also from the outside.

Women are more concerned about this, because they always want to be good-looking, beautiful and cheerful.

One of the biggest problems that women have when they reach 45 or 50 years of age happen is that they arms may start to appear what’s called a loosened skin which looks like it is hanging and resembles gelatin. It looks unattractive and women tend to have decreased self-confidence because of that.

That’s why, in this article, we’ve decided to present you a daily routine that will help you against this unsightly skin! You won’t have to visit any plastic surgeon or waste lots of money on treatments, because there is a treatment that you can do at home! It’s very economical!

The ingredients may be already at your kitchen, but if you don’t have them, they’re easily available in any store!


-1 cup of coffee residue (drink the coffee in advance)
-3 tablets of camphor
-Artichoke water

How to make:

First of all, boil a clean artichoke in 2 cups of water on low fire for 30 minutes, and then liquefy the artichoke in the same water.

After this, keep on boiling and add the coffee residue along with the tablets of camphor to obtain a homogeneous mixture. When it is cooled enough, spread it on the areas where you have loosened skin, covering them with a cloth. Leave it to act for at least an hour so that you could isolate the corporal heat, and your skin could produce collagen again.

Repeat this procedure at least once a day so that you can see better results. You’ll quickly notice that your loosened skin is tight enough and you won’t have to hide or feel embarrassed never again!



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Written by Martin

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