5 Ways Wearing Flip Flops Destroys Your Health Without You Noticing


Flip flops may be your favorite things to wear, but health experts warn about the dangers brought by the stringy footwear. They come designed in bright, vivid colors, which make them perfect for hot summer days. Flip flops don’t support the body, and you often trip while wearing these.

We will give you 5 good reasons to get rid of your flip flops at this very moment:


Flip flops are designed to be loose which means they don’t support the body at all. You can easily slip and trip. Sprained ankles and injuries don’t sound good, right?

Weak joints and lower body muscles

Flip flops cause pain in feet and ankles, and that’s not all. They may also cause heel ache, stress fractures, spin splints, and tendonitis. If you wear them often, you may end up dealing with plantar fasciitis.

Walking on hard surface exposes the foot ligament to constant pulling, and the foot gets zero support.

Damaged feet

You can easily lose one of your flip flops while walking, as they don’t have any laces. You’re forced to make small steps and “crunch” your toes. This is bad for your feet, and it causes severe pain in your hips and knees.


Flip flops give you gross blisters between the toes. Blisters can easily turn into sores and cuts, not to mention all the bacteria that “gather” at the spot.


Flip flops harm your body posture and bone structure, as they don’t offer any support. Do you often deal with back pain? If yes, stop wearing your flip flops! Find fitting footwear that will support your body posture, and protect your joints.

Your feet deserve the best

Wear closed-toe shoes. These support your back, and there’s almost no risk of tripping. Plus – no more dirty feet!

If you can’t give up on your flip flops, choose the ones that have a little curve in the heel. This will help you walk better, and it also reduces the risk of injuries.



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Written by Martin

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