What The Shape Of Your Hands And Fingers Reveals About Your Hidden Character


The American Analysis Academy published an article saying that our hands reveal a lot about ourselves.

They have come to a conclusion that each finger has its own meaning. We decided to share this research with you.

Determine which of the two your stronger hand is. It is simple – you are either left-handed or right-handed. Its hand and fingers stand for your job and personal qualities, while the fingers of your remaining hand reveal your attitude toward the people close to you and the people you love.

Every person has weak and strong fingers, and the stronger they are, the more certain features of the person are expressed.

If the finger is arched, leaning towards the others or it cannot be used for certain things, it means it is weak. If the finger is long and straight, it is strong.

A strong thumb reveals that you are leaning towards success in your profession. A strong index finger reveals that you are interested in power, strength, disposition, and wiliness.

The middle finger stands for the responsibility, efficiency, self-confidence, growth, and wit. The ring finger stands for your craftiness and self-expression. The pinky describes your communication skills.

Example: if the thumb and the middle finger of your strong hand are strong, you are most likely an efficient, responsible, and professional individual and you do not only want to fulfill your ambitions.

Check out the shape of your fingertips.

Round shape reveals that you get well with other people and you are not afraid of disapproval.

If your fingertips are square and flat, then you are accurate and you do not like uncertainty.

The shovel shape (the one with wide tops) says that you are genius and that you resent monotony.

A sharp shape of the fingertips says that you are a person that prefers exotic and unusual things to usual activities.

Take a look at the distance between your fingers.

Put your hand on some flat surface or hold it in front of you. If your fingers are pretty distant one from another, then you are probably independent and you like to experiment.

If your fingers are close, it means that you are smart, thoughtful, and unique. If your ring finger and the pinky are wide apart, you are a person unlikely to be influenced. If these two fingers are close, you have a tendency to live according to the tendencies of the society and you respect the rules.



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