This Could Be The Main Cause Of Breast Cancer, Stop Eating This Food Right Now


According to a certain study, animal milk is the major cause for breast cancer. It is a product consumed on a daily basis because it is used in numerous different meals and desserts. The results from this study showed that any kind of animal milk is the main trigger for breast cancer.

Depending on the frequency of consumption, milk can increase the risk of developing breast cancer, which is why in this article we will present you what the study discovered and what factors should be taken into account.

Milk could be the main cause of breast cancer.

The University of Bergen, Norway, conducted a study which discovered that there is a connection between milk and the occurrence of lymphomas – breast lymphomas.

The results showed that women who drank 3 or more glasses milk per day had a 3.4 times greater risk of developing breast cancer.

16,000 people were included in this study and the scientists followed their milk consumption for a year and a half. During this period, there was another statistical research which was conducted on the consumption of animal milk in the countries of the world and cancer. In the end, the results showed that the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden and Finland have the highest incidence of breast cancer.

These were also the countries with the highest level of milk consumption. On the other hand, the societies where animal milk is not consumed, such as Eastern countries, had no problems with this type of cancer.

The ingredients in the milk are in fact the main trigger for cancer. The animals are usually fed with growth hormone which is present in the milk which leads to cancer.

Another study conducted by Norwegian scientists showed that women who drank more than 3 glasses of milk per day, consumed twice synthetic vitamin D compared to other patients. In other words, milk is enriched with this vitamin and the body is already able to produce it when exposed to sun.

Our diet plays also a huge role in developing breast cancer. For instance, the West cultures use sugar and refined flour as well as meat and junk food. on the other hand, there is a decrease of fruits and veggies.

Wearing tight bra for more than 12 hours is yet another important risk factor for developing breast cancer. In order to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer by 20%, take off your bra when you are home.



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