Exercises To Improve Your Posture And Bring Relief To Your Back and Spine


There are so many people around the world who work in office the entire day, so they spend a lot of time sitting which can lead to numerous health problems such as back injuries and spinal issues. This is why we will present the best exercises which will help you solve this problem.


  • Cat-cow exercises
  • Regular back extension
  • Back stretching
  • Heel kicks
  • Double-impact series
  • Stomach rolls
  • Swimming
  • Diving Swan

If you are a beginner, you need to start with the first exercise so that it gives you enough strength and energy to continue with all the other exercises. The best solution would be to assign a trainer to control your efforts.

How to begin?

First of all, lie on your tummy, lean on your arms and lift your chest from the mattress. Use your elbows to push yourself forward, but place them on a reasonable distance. Lift them to the chest level (or even higher), and do the same with both legs.

After that, breathe out, roll forward the belly, breathe in and roll back to the initial position. Repeat this five times.


In order to keep the spine in a stable position, you need to use the abdominal muscles, but to prevent pain, reduce forward pelvis by tilting. Make sure you rest well prior exercising since the spine extension muscles will bear the pressure which is needed to extend the muscles and lift the legs. Once you roll forward, the extensor muscles will tighten from the hips so you will need to swift weight forward, and put the chest on the math.

After that, you need to perform the Diving Swan or simply reverse the movements while using the strength of your spin extensor muscles. Legs should gradually go down, but make sure not to touch the floor.

Keep a mental image of rocking chair in your head while you exercise so that you can move in the right directions.


This exercise will help you boost your muscle endurance and tone, but it also has the same effects as classic stomach rolls that activate the body. The only difference is that Diving Swans don’t rely on hands, which is why they are much more effective for a variety of muscle groups like the waist area that benefits from the hyperextension of the spine.

In order to prevent injuries, make sure to master the rest of the series of this program and then jump on the Diving Swan.

This program will definitely help you have your back muscles strengthened and it you exercise on a regular basis, it will eliminate all spine issues and restore your body’s optimal posture as well. This is why it is the best solution for people who lead sedentary lifestyle.



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Written by Martin

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