Take A Spoonful Of This Before Bed To Flush Intestinal And Liver Toxins While You Sleep


Garlic is considered as a super food since it has some rare essential trace minerals such as germanium, selenium and tellurium. Besides that, garlic is also a rich source of vitamin A, B complex, C, but it also contains minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, copper, potassium, iron and calcium.


You can use garlic to fight off intestinal parasites, yeast, viruses, bacteria and fungi due to its potent antimicrobial properties, but it can also neutralize the effects of free radicals due to its antioxidant properties.

You can treat the following health issues with the consumption of 2-3 cloves f garlic per day.

Anti-coagulant: instead of taking aspirin that causes stomach bleeding, you should take garlic which is a natural and effective blood-thinning method and it can help against thrombosis.

Cancer prevention: Garlic can prevent different types of cancer due to its potent anti-cancer properties.

Common cold: make sure to take 2 cloves of garlic if you feel cold is coming. Moreover, garlic can relieve congestion and speed up recovery.

Cholesterol: To reduce the risk of heart disease, make sure to consume garlic juice on a daily basis since it will reduce the oxidation of the blood cholesterol as well as the build-up in the arteries.

Diabetes: Take one or two cloves every day to lower your blood sugar levels.

Fungal infections: To treat Athlete’s foot or ear infections, you just have to apply garlic juice on the affected area which will soothe the itch.

Peptic ulcer:  Garlic has the ability to destroy the bacterial stomach parasite which causes peptic ulcers.

Toxicity: Garlic can help you detoxify the blood, toxins, lead and other dangerous metals due to its sulfur compounds.

Wind: Take small amounts of garlic to relieve stomach gas.


Make sure to consume one or two cloves on a daily basis, and you can add it in your favorite juice recipes.

Special Tip – Prepare the Following Magic Potion Before You Go To Bed at Night

First of all, chop 2 cloves of fresh garlic and allow it to stand on air for 5-6 minutes so that it releases the enzyme called alliinase.

After that, swallow the chopped garlic with water. While you sleep, the garlic will travel through your entire digestive tract thus neutralizing all toxins, viruses, carcinogens and harmful bacteria. Moreover, the sulfur compounds will detoxify your liver of blood toxins, lead, and other dangerous heavy metals.

The next morning, drink a big glass of water.


Since garlic is extremely powerful medicinal herb, 1-2 raw cloves on a daily basis are enough to get the best benefits.

As we previously mentioned, garlic has blood-thinning effects which is why you need to avoid consuming it if you are taking other anti-coagulant drugs. Try to avoid taking large quantities of garlic since it can cause diarrhea, excessive gas and anemia.



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