3 Numbers Reveal Is Your Body Healthy Or Not


In order to know that everything is fine with your body is enough to pay attention to only three basic figures that ensure that we are healthy and we take care of ourselfs.



High blood pressure is the disease of modern age. Proper maintenance of the normal range may prevent appearance of a less serious illnesses, but also stroke or heart attack. To make sure you do not belong to the risk group, these are the things that you should know:

-Normal blood pressure is 120/80

-Pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is called “pre-hypertension”

-High blood pressure is 140/90 and more

Hypertension (high blood pressure) increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, aortic artery disease and chronic kidney disease. Hypertension has no symptoms, so that is why is called the silent killer.


Look at your waist and you will know whether you are healthy or not, say some experts. Visceral fat (fat in the abdomen), which are deposited around the internal organs, send toxins throughout the body.

Every 5 centimeters above the normal value could increase the risk of death by 9%. Body mass index (BMI) tells us how much overweight we have, but in general he doesn`t gives us a view where they are deployed.

A Research shows that waist circumference greater than 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men can increase the chances of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

The normal waist range for women should be 80 cm, while for men 93.


Cholesterol is present in all living cells. There are two types of cholesterol: good and bad. Bad cholesterol is associated with heart disease and blood vessels, heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol values don`t depend only on food that is entered. It is believed that about 20% of total cholesterol in the body is a result of the food we eat, and about 80% is synthesized in the liver.

According to studies, a few years ago it was thought that a healthy amount of cholesterol is up to 7 mmol / l, while today that limit is lower, 5 mmol / l.

Increased cholesterol causes gradual accumulation of fat inside the blood vessels due to atherosclerosis that occurs, and heart attack and stroke. As recommended by doctors optimal range is from 3 mmol / l to 5 mmol / l.



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