How To Make Healthy And Beautiful Body Naturally


The Secret to Make Healthy and Beautiful Body with Natural Ingredient

Since long time ago, people used natural ingredients to protect health and enhance skin on a woman. These natural ingredients have many benefits and these are used up to now for basic ingredient of health or beauty products.

The ingredients are fruits and plants, actually we didn’t realise that these natural ingredients can be found around us, we just do not know the secret and benefits for the human body. For that, I will describe some of the natural ingredients that are very good for health and beauty skin, for example:

Star fruit

This fruit has a fresh taste and is a mix between lemon, plum and pineapple that are rich in vitamin C. Star fruit contains high antioxidants that can form the immune system in humans body. We can eat it regularly and naturally so our beutiful body stays healthy and fit.

Macadamia nut oil

This oil can be used like regular vegetable oil for cooking purposes. This oil also can lower cholesterol and triglyceride up to 25% and useful to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Tea tree oil

This oil comes from the melaleuca tree that can be used to treat wounds and prevent infection. In fact this tree oil contain antiseptic and anti bacteria that can be used to cure skin diseases such as, eczema, dandruff and pimple without cause dryness and irritation on the skin.

Kiwi fruit

The fruit can be used to refine and moisten the skin because it contains vitamin E. Kiwi fruit is highly recommended by experts to use as protectors from ultraviolet rays and strengthen collagen because it contains acids and antioxidants. We can use it naturally by attaching a snippet of kiwi fruit to face or by buying skin care creams.

So, actually we have provided various kinds of natural ingredients which can be found in the environment for use in maintaining the health and skin care without fear of dangerous side effects. These ingredients have been useful because it has been used since long time ago up to now as the basic ingredient for health care product or skin care.



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Written by Martin

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