How To Relieve A Runny Nose With Acupressure In Just 5 Minutes


People pay little or no attention at all to a runny nose, but in fact, it can cause serious health problems. So, in order to prevent that, you should use a simple massage method which will help you recover fast.


According to many doctors practicing Chinese medicine, the most important thing is the proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues. If there is no proper blood flow and the blood stagnates at a certain point in your body, it actually creates perfect condition for the development of many different ailments.

So, in order to stay healthy, you need to apply some pressure on certain points on your body  which will improve blood flow.

In order to perform the method, you need to use your fingers and apply a gentle pressure to certain points on your body. You can massage them in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The key is to feel certain pressure on these points. After the first massage, you will definitely feel the improvements because your runny nose will stop almost immediately. However, if necessary, you can repeat the method 2-3 times.

-Point No.1. This point is located right above your nose and if you extend the line of your eyebrows, you will find it easily.

-Point No. 2. You have two symmetrical points on both sides of your face. They are located about an inch from the outer side of your eyebrows, so press them simultaneously.

-Point No.3.  These two points are located at the beginning of your nose so you need to press the simultaneously in order to get a relief.

-Point No.4.  Symmetrical points an inch away from your nose.



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