Get Long And Strong Hair In One Month With One Herb


Strengthening of Hair Shafts: Most of you might not even know what hair shaft is. It is nothing but a section of hair above the scalp. Curry leaves have vitamin B6 in very high quantities, which is capable of acting as a hormone regulator in the process of hair loss. Hence they are capable of strengthening both hair root as well as hair shafts.

For Weight Loss: I know many of you won’t believe this! But yes curry leaves can actually help you lose weight. Just like most of the herbs, curry leaves also controls the digestive system. This in turn helps in shedding off extra weight.

For Acne : Applying a paste of 2-3 fresh curry leaves mixed along with organic turmeric is considered as a perfect home remedy for acne treatment.

Hair Treatment Recipes

Make Tea from Curry Leaves for your hair.

Boil some curry leaves in water, squeeze a lime and add some sugar to it. Drink this tea daily for 1 week this will increase hair growth, make your hair smooth, shiny and prevent white hairs. Intake of curry leaves is good for the digestive system too and it resolves many hair problems.

Curry leaves can be used as a great natural hair tonic. Applying them on to the hair will distribute the nutrients equally to the entire scalp.

Make a Hair Tonic


  • Handful of curry leaves
  • Cup of water (warm)

How to make:

Take water in a bowl and drop 2-3 curry leaves in it. Mix them properly until the leaves becomes soft. Once they gets soft, the water will turn greenish in color.

Cool off the tonic by any cooling methods or wait for some time. Once the tonic is completely cooled, gently apply them all over your scalp.

Continue massaging your hair for 10-15 minutes.

Try to follow this procedure at least twice a week.

Make Hair Mask

Hair mask made with curry leaves are filled with essential moisture retaining properties that will help to keep your hair soft and healthy. Apart from cleaning the scalp, these masks also aids in restoring the hair strength and shields them from different sorts of damages.

Make Hair Oil

Yes you heard it right! Curry leaves can be used as an ingredient in hair oils. This is the most effective way for gaining improved hair growth. On applying hair oil, the nutrients in the leaves will penetrate deep into the scalp and work on the roots.


  • Cup of coconut oil
  • 4-5 curry leaves

How to make:

Take a small vessel and drop couple of curry leaves along with coconut oil.

Place the vessel on a large bowl of water. Now heat the water till the oil gets heated.

Once the oil is heated, a black residue will form.

Apply this residue to your hair at least twice a week.

Following this procedure continuously will help to stimulate the hair growth and also fight against premature hair graying.

How to use:

Make sure you apply this curry leaf hair oil onto your hair at least once or twice a week. Gently massage your hair and allow the oil to stick on your hair for a minimum of 45 minutes. Once you have done that, you can wash your hair with warm water. Following this process on a regular basis will eventually lead to the darkening of premature gray hair.



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