Try This To Improve Your Vision And Throw Away Your Glasses


Just like blood, muscle is all over our body. And to keep it healthy, we need to keep using it. If you stop using muscles for some period of time, they will get weaken.

One perfect example of this is a leg injury such as broken bone (fibula). In order for the bone to heal, you must rest it for some time. Within those times, your muscles will be inactive and over time it will be weaker. The same thing goes with muscle surrounding your eyes.

Yes, there are muscles around your eyes and you need to exercise them too if you don’t want to experience a degradation in your vision. You have to strengthen your eye muscles just like you strengthen every other muscles in your body.

Below you can find guideline to assist you in rebuilding your vision:

–In order to avoid strain on your eyes, close your eyes for a few minutes every 2–3 hours.

–Practice the following 16 exercise with your eyes

–Don’t use your glasses too often.

–Follow the above guideline to massage the specific points around your eyes every day.

–Press your eyeball lightly with the tips of your index and middle finger. Don’t put too much pressure to avoid pain on your eyes. Press those points with your index finger twice.

–While you are walking outside, try to look at a distance.

–Drink carrot juice with a few drops of olive oil every day.

–Wash your eyes with lukewarm water frequently.

–Try not to use PC or laptop at least 2 hours before bedtime.

–Practice the Indian exercise “Trataka” to improve your vision. Trataka is an activity aiming to centered and directed your look to coordinate the fixation at a specific point (flame light, small object, dark spot) in order to create focus and reinforce your visual perception.

You start this activity by concentrating on an image or some item. Fix your gaze at that object for some time. Remember that the goal of this activity is to let your brain focused on the image with clear thoughts.

If tears start to fall from your eyes, rest your eyes by closing them. With this exercise, you have to endure as much as you can before tears start falling from your eyes.

You can see that actually, taking care of the health of your eyes is very simple. Practice the above guidelines and you can save money from buying another glasses.



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