Control Your Blood Sugar With This Secret Remedy


Yes, very easy! There’s a simple trick that helps to control blood sugar levels.

You need only one boiled egg. Experts around the world say that the domestic prescription based on boiled egg is very efficient and useful ally in the fight against elevated blood sugar. It lowers blood sugar very quickly.

Diabetes – very common problem that affects people around the world. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin or when the body is unable to properly use the insulin it may have.

Common symptoms of diabetes include: frequent night urination, thirst, rapid weight loss, itching around the penis or vagina, cuts or wounds that are slow to heal, blurred vision, fatigue.

All this leads to serious health problems such as poor vision, blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, heart disease, and, in men, erectile dysfunction.

Note: when using this drug should be careful what is consumed from other food and to be sure to avoid foods that increase blood sugar levels. Of the ingredients needed only two, widely available components: boiled egg and vinegar.


Boil an egg and peel off and then using a fork make several small holes in it, in the evening. To put it in a bowl and pour vinegar. Allow it to stay the night. In the morning, eat only the egg, not the rest of the vinegar that is not absorbed.

During the meal drink a glass of lukewarm water to which is added a tablespoon of the previous vinegar. It is well known that eggs are very nutritious and are an excellent source of protein. This breakfast will reduce the appetite and contribute to feel energetic.

This home remedy is definitely worth a try! It is very simple and easy to make. And the best thing is that it is safe and very effective.



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Written by Martin

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