How To Easily Clean Bed Pillows


How to clean bed pillows which are full of drool and other stains easily and effectively? Just follow our lead and your pillows will be as good as new.

Have you ever removed the pillowcase and discovered yellow spots of drool on the pillow?

As much as we would all like to believe that sleeping is as beautiful as in a fairy tale … the reality is quite opposite, we all open our mouths and we all drool on the pillow.

Yes, drooling happens.

Next time you come face to face with a repulsive pillow, use this method and return to a new clean and happy life. You’ll learn how to clean bed pillows and you’ll start cleaning them regularly!

Why clean your pillows?

It is best to give your pillows a thorough wash every 3 months, as skin cells, dust mites, oils and moisture can get trapped in and on the pillow (even with pillowcases! )

How to clean bed pillows?

What you need:

  • Natural laundry detergent (enough for a large load)
  • ½ cup machine or washing soda
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Washing machine

The way to do it

  1. Turn on the washer and set it to maximum temperature and set it for a large charge.
  2. Add the natural detergent to the washer (the usual amount needed for a large charge).
  3. Add ½ cup washing machine soda (it will help remove blemishes and whiten the pillow!).

– Also add 5 drops of lavender essential oil so that the pillow has a relaxing and fresh scent (optional).

  1. Place 1 or 2 pillows in the washing machine (after adding detergent and soda).

– Let the washer cycle complete.

  1. Put the pillows in the dryer for a full cycle.

When is it time to buy a new pillow?

Here’s a quick way to check if it’s time to buy a new pillow:

– Fold the pillow in half:

  • If it unfolds and returns to its normal form – NO CHANGE IS NEEDED.
  • If it remains folded in place – CHANGE IT.

Sweet Dreams!

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