Save Your Heart, Kidneys, And Brain: Clean Your Arteries With These 3 ingredients


For those who don’t know, the arteries are in fact a type of blood vessels and their main function is to transport oxygen-packed blood from the heart to all body parts. As you can see, they are vital for the proper functioning of all bodily systems, so in order to stay healthy and alive, we need to protect them and keep them healthy.

In order to protect yourself from cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks, you need to eliminate processed and fast food, foods packed with fats since they ruin our cardiovascular system’s health.

How To Clean Your Arteries

The following natural recipe will help you clean your arteries in no time and to get rid of the fat buildups in your blood as well.


  • Eight lemons
  • Four liters of clean water
  • One piece of ginger (4 cm)
  • Eight cloves of garlic.


First of all, wash the lemons thoroughly and then cut them into small pieces. After that, clean both the ginger and the cloves and put them along with the other ingredients in a blender. Mix all the ingredients well and then pour the mixture into a clean pot.

Next, add the water and cook the mixture until it starts boiling. Once boiled, store the mixture in a clean glass bottles.

Bottom of Form

Make sure to consume this beverage 2 hours before each meal on an empty stomach, every single day. Moreover, to get the best results, try exercising 3-4 times per week.



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Written by Martin

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