After This You Will Never Spend A Penny On This Drink, The Worst Enemy Destroying Your Bones


People all over the world consume soda drinks. Some people even drink sodas instead of water. 

The experts say that you should avoid drinking this beverage because it’s destroying your bones from the inside! Well, the name of this poison is carbonated soft drinks!

According to scientific research, here’s how it acts in the body:

  • The first 10 minutes

Did you know that just 1 cup of this drink has 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is 100% of the recommended daily intake? And they also add phosphorus, which strengthens the taste.

  • After 20 minutes

And, after 20 minutes, there is an increase of glucose and insulin, which leads to the conversion of sugar to fat in the liver.

  • After 40 minutes

After 40 minutes, the caffeine in the drink is completely absorbed by the body within a period of 40 minutes. After that, the blood flow increases and the liver begins to produce more sugar in the blood. Your brain begins to block the hormone receptors of adenosine, which prevents the feeling of fatigue.

After 45 minutes, the secretion of dopamine increases, which significantly affects that you feel good and this effect is similar to that which gives heroin.

  • After 50 minutes

After 50 minutes, the magnesium, phosphoric acid, zinc and calcium leads to an increased digestion. And, you should know that this is related with the massive amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which limit the excretion of calcium through the urine.

  • After 60 minutes

After 60 minutes, the diuretic properties of caffeine start to act and all minerals, including magnesium, calcium and zinc, which are useful for the bones, then excreted in urine.

  • After a little more than an hour

You should know that the dissemination of sugar in the body is in the final stage. You feel full of energy and you can expect frequent mood changes.



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Written by Martin

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