Eliminates Corns In Just One Week By Taking Aspirin


Nowadays, people lead a busy lifestyle, they are always on the move, and most of the time, wear uncomfortable shoes. Due to the hard work of the legs throughout the whole day, every day, certain issues occur among which are corns. They are considered as one of the most unpleasant aesthetic discomfort, but unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid their formation.

This is why in this article we will present you the most effective treatment that will help you eliminate calluses in no time.

Eliminates corns with Aspirin

Aspirin has many uses, so using it in the treatment of calluses is not an exception. Here, we will show you in which way you can use aspirin to prepare the wonderful remedy against corns.


  • 6 300 mg aspirin tablets
  • Some drops of lemon

How to make:

In order to prepare this amazing homemade remedy, first you need to grind 6 tablets of Aspirin and after that just add several drops of lemon. You will get a thick paste.

How to use:

Prior using this treatment, we suggest you to File corns with a special file or a pumice stone so that the products can penetrate easily in the affected skin.

Remove Corns

First of all, shred Aspirin and then apply with a fork or spoon.

  1. Take a clean glass and store the Aspirin.
  2. Cut the lemon in half and then squeeze it over the crushed Aspirin.
  3. Mix both ingredients well, and add a little water in order to make the mixture more pasty and consistent.
  4. Once prepared, apply the solution on the affected areas and cover with a towel.
  5. Allow the mixture to act for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. When you remove the mixture, let a lot of water run through the affected area and then reapply the pumice stone.
  7. In the end, pet dry the affected area in order to prevent the appearance of fungi.

The combination of lemon and Aspirin has the ability to remove dead skin cells which makes the skin much smoother and healthier.

In order to feel the differences, make sure to apply this homemade treatment once in a week.



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Written by Martin

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