These Seeds Are More Important Than The Fruit, Don’t Throw Them


Nowadays, more and more people are adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle which is the key to understanding the source and force of life.

It is extremely important to understand the force of life within us in order to be able to use it to heal. In order to get closer to understanding, you need to use the simple method of meditation as a starting point.

Through this, you will learn many important things about health, and you will definitely learn not to throw away the seeds from the fruits and veggies.

If you think twice, every time you throw away seeds, you actually discard a source of life. This is a huge mistake, so people should stop repeating it.

If the universe is not willing to help, how can life prosper. This means that when you throw away seeds, you become that part of the universe that kills that form of life which results in elimination of the source. As you can realize on your own, it is a huge mistake to throw away seeds, instead we should preserve them and with this simple act, we will honor the force and source of life.

When it comes to Ayureda, its divine awareness of the plant kingdom’s power is represented in both medicine and diet. There are also some powerful goddesses that protect and nurture awareness of the life force. For instance, the golden goddess of harvest is Lakshimi, while the wheat mother is Kanakadhara Lakshmi. The goddess of vegetation, Durga, wears leaves of natural green, and with every meal the goddess Annapurna is honored.

Awareness is Central to Wisdom             

The main focus in Ayurveda is placed upon the seed and the fruit because the seed is a perfect whole and one produces another. As a result of this continuity we were able to build that Ayurvedic consciousness.

The act of preserving the seed, no matter whether you will plant it yourself, donate it to others or save it for later, is actually the simple way of breaking down the walls of ignorance and realizing the source of life as well as brining the source of life into your life so you are aware of it always.



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