This Popular Drink Destroys Your Thyroid, Don’t Drink It


Nowadays, soy milk has become very popular, even more popular than regular milk, since a lot of nutritionists highly recommended it. Moreover, Americans drink soy milk and eat soy products on a regular basis thinking that it’s nutritious and healthy.

However, it was recently found that soy milk can have a negative effect on the overall health and cause numerous health problems. Let’s take a look at several reasons why you need to exclude soy from your diet:

  • Soybeans have a substance known as hemagglutinin which can cause clots which result in clumped red blood cells. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens which interfere with the endocrine function and they have been associated with breast cancer and female infertility.
  • Soy foods have toxic aluminum that harms the kidneys and nervous system and it has also been associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • Soybeans have antinutrients which are natural toxins. Drinking 2 glasses of soy milk per day can cause problems with the menstrual cycle.
  • Studies have shown that regular consumption of soy increases the need for vitamin D and B12.
  • Soy contains toxic isoflavones which encourage the growth of breast cancer.
  • 99% of soy is GMO.
  • Consumption of soy foods can cause vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Phytic acid, found in soy products, inhibits the iron, copper, calcium, zinc, and magnesium digestion.

Furthermore, studies have found that the food-grade carrageenan in soy milk can lead to ulcers, colon cancer, gastrointestinal inflammation, and lesions in mice. According to the ADA, there has been a newly discovered link between glucose and insulin resistance in mice and the use of carrageenan.



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