You Can Soothe Cranky Babies By Doing This With Their Feet


If your baby is cranky it could be that they are suffering from stomach pains, constipation or the flu. Even though pediatrician tend to recommended medications, these soothing home remedies might be great to add to your daily routine to help them without giving them drugs.

Each part of the foot is linked to different organs, muscles and other body parts. When you gently massage these areas you can help your baby with discomfort from congestion and blockage.

Foot reflexology has been proven to have very nurturing and therapeutic effects.  Babies are able to respond to different kinds of reflexology far better than adults.

When an infant cries or experiences some level of discomfort, we usually rub their hands, feet, and tummy, without thinking. Here, we explain why these methods work so well.

– Head and teeth

While this advice should never take the place of a pediatrician’s expert medical opinion, these touches might make good additions to your baby’s routine.

The tips of the toes correspond to the baby’s head and teeth. This can be especially helpful when babies are teething.

By gently applying pressure to these little areas, you’ll be able to soothe her when she’s crying, throwing a tantrum, and exerting too much force on her tiny frame.


The center of the toes corresponds to the baby’s sinuses.

If your baby has a runny nose or is having hard time breathing, its best to rub their toes to help them with these symptoms.

Note: Make sure to always talk to your doctor in addition to administering these touches.


Chest congestion is usually caused by an infection or a cold If you don’t treat this it can cause poor breathing, eating and sleeping.

To relieve your baby of these symptoms rub the bottoms of their feet, the area below the neck of their toes. This area is link to the lungs in the body.

-Solar plexus

The solar plexus is a network of the nerves which is found in the abdomen and behind the stomach.

At times a baby can feel discomfort and is the cause of spasms, tightness, having hard time breathing and a stomach ache. There’s probably nothing better than rubbing your child stomach as it will help the bowel movement get through the body.

-Upper abdomen

After speaking with your doctor rub the middle of their feet. by rubbing this area you help your child with any upper abdominal pain. Foot massages are able to help your child with constipation.

To stimulate the large intestine, try rubbing the lower regions of the sole. This will be especially great for babies who have been a little gassy.


The heel of the baby’s foot corresponds to the pelvic region.

If you suspect your baby’s tummy and hips have been bothering her, try applying pressure to this region, making sure to rub lightly.



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