This Most Used Feminine Hygiene Product Has So many Other Beneficial Uses


Sanitary napkins are used by women during their menstrual cycle and their absorption power is high. However, you will be surprised to hear that you can use sanitary napkins in many other beneficial ways. Let’s take a look:

First aid for wounds

If you don’t have a bandage at hand, put a sanitary napkin onto the wound or cut and apply a slight pressure to stop the bleeding.

Water filter

If you’re not sure whether some water is safe for drinking, you can cleanse it with the help of a sanitary napkin. Fill a bottle with water and fixate a piece of a sanitary napkin onto the opening of the bottle. However, this won’t cleanse the water 100% and the water will still have microorganisms, therefore you should boil it prior to consumption.

They can be used for growing beans

As sanitary napkins absorb moisture, place a sanitary napkin vertically in a jar. Then, put the seeds and place the jar near a window. In a few days, the seeds will begin to germinate.

You can use them for cleaning

Did you know that you can clean your microwave with the help of a sanitary napkin and sodium bicarbonate? Moreover, putting a sanitary napkin in the fridge will absorb unpleasant odors.

It prevents sweating

If you want to prevent sweat stains on your clothes, put a sanitary napkin under your armpits. You can also put a sanitary napkin in your shoes to absorb the sweat.

Soak up milk from leaking breasts

If you have problems with leaking breasts, you can use sanitary napkins to soak up the milk.



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