Effective And Free Japanese Method For Weight Loss


Simple method developed by a Japanese doctor, can help you overcome the problem with bad posture, deal with back problems, and reduce the fat around your waist.

It’s will take you 5 minutes and in only so little time you will succeed in something big, that has been bothering you since forever. You won’t lose anything just by trying, and the great news is that you can benefit a lot, and all the credits go to this easy method.

Japanese Method to Lose Weight


  • A large towel
  • A strong rope
  • A flat surface
  • 5minutes of your day

How to make:

You should start by rolling the towel that should be 40cm long and 10cm thick. Then, you should tie it with the string to keep it wound. What you should do next, is to lie on the ground and put the towel under your lower back. Align the legs with the shoulders and touch the thumbs if you can, and leave a gap from 20 cm between the beads. One more last  thing that you should do, is  to look at the ceiling and move your thumbs, bring them together and then separate them for 5 minutes.



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Written by Martin

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