Never Let Your Kids Sit In The “W” Position, Here’s Why


Most of the kids tend to sit in a “W” position because they feel secure and supported. Unfortunately, not many parents are aware of the fact that this position can lead to further complications.

The reason why parents should not allow their children to sit in this position is because it can have negative effects on the development and growth patterns of the children.

The Negative Effects of “W-Sitting” Include:

  • Orthopedic problems
  • Delayed development of the stability and the control of the posture
  • Delayed development of refined motor skills

Every single parent wants what is best for their children and wants to grow their children well so that they can grow strong and develop properly. In order to achieve that, you should not allow your child to sit in the “W” position since it puts additional, redundant strain on the body.

Exclusive “W-Sitting” Puts Undue Stress On:

  • Heel cords
  • Hamstrings
  • Internal rotators
  • Hip abductors

The most common problem that arises from sitting in this particular position is dislocation. Moreover, this position can also cause shortened and tightened muscles which as a result influence the development of motor skills, balance and coordination. Sitting in “W” position can also lead to weight shift during the time for playing, less need for postural control and stability. This also affects the trunk muscles because they become weaker and underdeveloped.

Consistency is the key if you want to prevent your child to sit in this position. Teach your child how to sit correctly and repeat it on a daily basis if needed. For instance, you can buy your child a small desk or table with a chair, and you will succeed in your plan.

For those who read this article, do not panic since not all children who sit in this position have severe problems, but still make sure to prevent them use it and in that way you will prevent any kind of risk.

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