Here Is How To Massage Your Feet For The Best Night’s Sleep



Acupressure can be a useful tool for falling and staying asleep. When used as part of a night time ritual that includes putting away electronics and going to bed at a regular bedtime, the home remedy is particularly effective.

The Inner Gate or P6 point, located at the center of the inner forearm, approximately two and half finger widths from the wrist crease, is thought to relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, and indigestion. Modern Reflexology recommends using the thumb of the opposite hand to firmly press the pressure point for one full minute.

Another point on the wrist is the Spirit Gate or H7 point. Found on the inner side of the wrist crease in line with the little finger, this pressure point helps relieve insomnia caused by overexcitement, emotional stress, anxiety and cold sweat, says Modern Reflexology.

The Fusion Model recommends stimulating the Shimien point on the bottom of the foot, in front of the heel. Be careful when applying pressure to this point, as it is the most tender on the foot. However, when done correctly, stimulating this pressure point can put you to sleep right away.

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The Anmian point, located on the back of the head near the ear, is deeply relaxing when stimulated for 15- 20 minutes. To find it, The Fusion Model recommends running your finger along the soft section before the neck muscles connect with the jaw line. Once you’ve hit the spot, firmly press for an extended time. You should feel increasingly sleepy.

On his blog Acupressure Points, acupressure therapy expert Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. suggests a bedtime routine to help you fall asleep naturally.
After performing acupressure therapy on yourself, stretch your arms and legs, moving side-to-side, and massaging the shoulders and neck. Next, stretch your eyes by moving them in large circles, three times in each direction. Repeat the exercise with eyes closed. When you are finished, reach your hands to the sky and breath deeply. Then, induce yawning by opening the mouth wide. Finally, get into bed and find your most comfortable natural position. When you feel nice and cozy, focus on breathing slowly and deeply. Relax completely. Before you know it, you’ll be sound asleep.

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