Date Of Birth Determines The Diseases With Which We Struggle In The Life


Scientifically proven the month in which you were born can determine much more than horoscope sign. The researchers say there are scientific reasons why you should pay attention to the month in which you were born, according to the US “Time” and the Italian “Corriere della Serra”.

Although it is not common practice of serious academic researchers, Taton is about something totally unexpected for those who are used to research biological and molecular causes of human health.

By studying a large database of patients by the Medical Center of Colombia has developed in recent years, Taton and his team for the first time observed – whether month of birth has to do with the development of certain diseases.

Taton was found that of the 1,668 diseases have been observed in patients, 55 showed a strong connection with the moon in which these people were born and Taton claims that it is not a coincidence. There was a connection with the 16 diseases that no one has associated with the months, among them a large number of those who are related to the health of the heart.

“Astrology is based on the month that you were born, what harm this type of research because it has no scientific evidence to confirm it. The time of year in which you were born reflect back to you after birth, “said Taton.



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Written by Martin

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