Learn The FAST Method To Prevent Strokes And Other Cerebrovascular Attacks


The FAST method is extremely useful and recommended in cases of strokes and other cerebrovascular attacks! Get to know it and save lives!

A stroke could happen to anyone, so it is important that you read the following instructions well and remember the following 4 questions. Therefore, you’ll be able to save your life or that of a friend.

It was a normal day at the office: Marc went over numbers with his colleague, Brad, when he realized something was wrong. Brad’s left eye was shaking, and when Marc asked him if everything was all right, his colleague’s response was inaudible. But suddenly Brad seemed to recover and returned to his table. 3 hours later, Brad was in the hospital: that same day he had a cerebrovascular attack and died. If Marc had paid attention to his instincts, Brad would still be alive today.

Brad’s case is not the only one. Cerebrovascular attacks often go unnoticed, and this can be deadly because every minute counts. It is best to receive treatment within 3 hours of the attack.

These 4 simple questions can help you identify a stroke to get help.

The FAST method

  1. Ask the person to smile. If the smile is crooked, it is very likely that they have suffered a stroke.
  2. Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase such as “today is very hot”. A disjointed speech is another sign of a stroke.
  3. Ask the person to raise his arms over his head.
  4. Ask the person to speak. If he is crooked, he may have suffered a stroke.

If the person you are concerned about has problems with any of these questions, immediately call an ambulance and describe all the symptoms to medical personnel.

More than 20% of victims of a cerebrovascular attack die within 4 weeks because of this. That is why it is important to ask these questions. This test is known as “FAST test”: Face, Arms, Speech and Time.



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