Wrap Your Feet In Aluminum Foil And Wait For 1 Hour, What Happens Next Will Surprise You




The most common household item is aluminum foil. Its purpose is storing food. Aluminum foil is a heavy-duty paper that maintains high temperature of the food. We can also perform works of craft and it is highly useful for recycling.

Not all people are aware of all of the uses aluminum foil can have on the human body. It can help you maintain your health like relieving colds and burns.

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Aluminum foil advantages

  • Fatigue – you can be left exhausted if you have slept for a few hours or had a stressful day. But, aluminum foil can help you regain energy. Just cut some strips of the foil and place them in the freezer. In 2-3 hours you should remove them, placing the strips on your eyelids and cheeks. You will instantly feel refreshed.
  • Alleviate joint pain – wrap the affected area with a piece of aluminum foil and try to limit the movements. Let it like that during the night and the whole day. The procedure should be repeated for a period of 10 days. Then, you will have to wait for 2 weeks before repeating the process.
  • Relieve skin burns – place some water on the burn and clean the wound carefully. Dry it with a clean towel and then apply a layer of ointment. Place a gauze over it and wrap it with aluminum foil. Use an adhesive tape to tighten it. Try not moving and the pain will start disappearing soon.
  • Treat colds – wrap your feet in 5-7 aluminum foil sheets and let them act for 1 hour. This paper provides anti-inflammatory properties which alleviate cold symptoms. You should leave your feet to breathe for 2 hours and then repeat the same procedure. In a couple of days you will be able to see improvements. If the symptoms last for more than 1 week you will need to visit your doctor.



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