An Ice Shock Therapy Helps Boost Immune Function Within 5 Minutes


A famous specialist in kinesiology from Moscow recommends a simple method for strengthening the immune system.

Just put your bare feet in a freezing water.

Cold water and cold showers are an integral part of the tradition of many cultures. Cold shower provides a variety of health benefits.

German researchers found that people who take a shower  in cold water for about 2 minutes, suffer less frequently from colds than those who take a shower in warm water. This is due to a stronger immune system that the fans of cold shower have.

Another study conducted in Prague, studied the effect of immersion in cold water to young athletes.  Three times a week for 6 weeks they had immersed in water temperature of 14 degrees.

After this period, they have increased the number of two types of white blood cells – monocytes and lymphocytes, which are responsible for the destruction of a variety of pathogens.

Cold shower makes us more alive and gives us more energy, our heart beats faster and blood flow is better.

Many people argue that cold shower relieves stress and improves mood.

Research at the University of Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond (USA) showed that cold water stimulates the production of norepinephrine, a chemical substance that is secreted by neurons and has antidepressant properties.

Every night, at the end of the day, pour into the tub 10-15 centimeters of completely cold water. Do not add any hot water! Put your bare feet in the tub and stay in the frigid water about 10-15 seconds!  Then get out of the tub and wipe your feet with a towel and put on wool socks.

Repeat this procedure every night.

You will considerably strengthen your immunity. If you already have a cold, it’s all the more reason to strengthen your immune system. In that case, put your bare feet in the frigid water every 4 hours.



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