Five Problems Which Indicate Weak Heart And Everyone Ignore Them


People usually ignore these kind of problems and do not assume that these are symptoms of the most dangerous killer in the world. These are the symptoms of heart disease it not noticeable for most of the people until it is too late.

Sexual problems

Many people think that the problems in sex are reflection of several psychological barriers and often this is true. However especially in men, this indicates poor blood flow which is characteristic of heart disease.


This phenomenon sounds irritant, but it can be one deeply problem and deadly. Snoring may indicate a short interruption of breathing in sleep, which are a signal that there are psychological or physical problems in the body that are not solved. Snoring can be a sign of too strong heart rate which van be an indicator of heart problems.

Bleeding gums

Often bleeding gums can be a consequence of serious infection, periodontal, can even destroy the jawbone. This infection can spread and make spots throughout the body. Also, this infection significantly increases the risk of heart attack.

Tightness and pain in the shoulder blades

Many people sometimes feel like “an elephant is sitting on their chest” during a heart attack. Besides, most of the people before heart attack feel neck pain, tightness around the shoulders and tingling in hands.

Swelling of limbs

Swelling of the hands and feet is normal and it happens daily for a few times during physical activities. However, if you notice swelling while you rest, and the swelling does not decrease, it is possible that you have a blockage in the arteries that cause the swelling.



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Written by Martin

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