Shocking But True, See Why You Should Never Make Your Bed After Sleeping



Do you make your bed as soon as you open your eyes? If you do that, consider the fact that in the bed there are millions of mite trapped in the sheets and bedding.

These microorganisms are living in the bed and feed themselves from the dead skin cells and sweat and can trigger allergy or asthma. If you do not set the bed immediately after getting out of there, the mites will be exposed on fresh air and sunlight and they will dehydrate and perish.

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Every person on this world is sweats while sleeping. The medical experts say that the average adult could through sweat to throw up to liter of fluids during the night. This is great environment for the dust mites and there are about 1.5 millions mites present in our bed. The mites are not that much dangerous as their scum. They leave it in the bed and it can cause many health problems in people. Their scum can also cause allergy and asthma.

Carolyn Forte which is director of the laboratory Prima Institute recommends that people should not make their bed after they get up. For best results make your bed after breakfast, before you go to work. If you do not mind, you can leave the bed in that position all day, and make it when you’ll come home. Wash and change your sheets at least every two weeks.



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