How To Stop Serious Bleeding In Less Than 10 Seconds


A great solution to stop bleeding instantly is to use cayenne pepper. Historically it was used by Native Americans and today it can be found all around the world.

If you grind the dried red skins of different types of hot chili peppers (due to capsalacin) you get cayenne pepper. Capsalacin is found in the ribs of the pepper.

Why You Should Make Sure Cayenne Pepper Is In Your Medicine Cabinet.

Cayenne pepper has many benefits such as stopping bleeding and preventing heart attack.

Dr. Raymond Christopher lived during 1909-1983 and was involved with herbs and natural healing. His publications involve the benefits of consuming cayenne pepper.

How To Use Cayenne For External Wounds.


Put some cayenne pepper on the bleeding for about 10-15seconds to stop it.

If you use tincture use it directly on the wound only if it’s small. If you have a larger cut call 911.

Cayenne pepper is able to stop bleeding because it’s a styptic- it equalizes the blood pressure and blood clotting and prevents further infections.

Where Do I Buy Cayenne Pepper?

It is best you buy it online and get one that is organic and has a SHU (Scoville heat units) of 90,000.

How To Use Cayenne For Internal Wounds.

Drink warm water mixed with cayenne pepper every 15minutes to aid lung hemorrhage, stomach, uterus, nose gunshot wounds and heart attacks.



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