Here’s How You Can Remove Almost All Kinds Of Cysts


Cysts can appear in different parts of your body and it’s usually women who get them.  If you decide to medically treat them, they may reappear and their removal can be painful, therefore you can opt for a natural remedy to get rid of them.

Here’s the recipe and instructions for making:

  • Half a liter of medical alcohol (spirit, not matter percentage)
  • A pound of local honey
  • 75 liters of a quality red wine
  • A pound of coffee from chicory
  • 150 grams of aloe leaves without spikes (the plant should not be watered last 7 days before picking leaves)


Grind the leaves of aloe spines into the meat machine or a blender after you have cleaned them and add the other ingredients. Place the mixture in a jar of 3 liters and keep it in a cool and dark place for 2 weeks. Consume the mixture after you have seeped it through a gauze, consume 2 tbsp 2 hours before a meal 3 times daily. The reason for this is your stomach will be empty and the solution will not mix with the food.

Cyst around the kidneys, female organs and in the breasts usually disappear without a problem.  You can also use this solution for improving your general health and you may take 2 doses. Adults can take a dose of 1 full tbsp, children however need to take half of this dose.



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Written by Martin

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