How To Grow Blueberries In A Pot In Unlimited Amounts


Do you want to know how to grow blueberries in a pot at home? It’s very simple and you’ll always have fresh, natural and healthy blueberries handy!

Blueberries are super tasty and healthy fruits that can be consumed in all kinds of ways. You can use them in your pies, eat them raw, mic them in your favorite smoothies or juice their juice.

The health benefits that blueberries provide are countless, but let’s look at the most important ones:

  • Blood cholesterol damage prevention
  • Protection of the brain function and memory loss
  • High blood pressure reduction
  • Richness in antioxidants and vitamin C and K
  • Lowness in calories and richness in dietary fiber

Well, if you’re satisfied with the list, and you want to learn how to grow blueberries in a pot at home, you should look at the following instructions.

How to grow blueberries in a pot?

First step

First, you’ll need to find a perfect spot where your blueberry bush will grow. In order to succeed growing, blueberries need a lot of sunlight and high-quality soil. The sunlight provides the conditions for the photosynthesis, vital for blueberries growth, and the soil, of course, supports the process. If you’re living in a flat, purchasing patio container might be the best solution. If you have a garden and raised beds, that is awesome

Second step

You’ll need to make space for the bush to expand; at least 6 feet. If you intend to grow more bushes, the distance between them should be 3 feet.

Third step

Blueberries should be planted in spring or fall. Now, let’s look at the actual planting:

  • Ruffle some blueberries roots with your hands
  • Put some soil in a pot or another container
  • Add the roots in the soil, making sure you add soil around them
  • Pat down the soil layer on the top
  • Water the soil as the roots need to be hydrated

Fourth step

The forth step is mulching. For optimal effects it’s best to use sawdust; however, rind mulch, pine bark, grass clipping or acid trip can be useful as well. 2-4 wreaths should be applied in order to preserve soil moisture and prevent weeds growth. You should repeat the process once a year.

Fifth step

Pruning is the next step: when the bush starts thriving, you need to start pruning it. Regular pruning will promote healthy plant growth and allow the strongest and largest branches to grow better. This will also encourage optimal bush growth and prevent over fruiting. Actually, when the fruits appear you’ll need to detach most of the blooms and remove the dead brunches with small clippers or a pair of scissors. Furthermore, you’ll need to eliminate the growths around the bush bottom or any discolored leaves and brunches. Also, make sure you clean any dead wood.

Sixth and most important step

This is an essential step: soil fertilization. Organic fertilizers are non-toxic and environment-friendly, give the plant long life and prevent bush damage. You’ll need to fertilize the soil in early spring just when the leaves start breaking from dormancy and also after the pruning process. So, fertilizing the soil twice a year is essential.

If you follow these instructions correctly, your bush will live 40-50 years. Make sure you don’t mess up with the instructions and enjoy the health benefits of fresh blueberries!



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