To Reconstruct Your Body You Need 4 Minutes For 28 Days



The challenge we are suggesting today has already been taken by numerous people all around the world, and it has never failed to provide fantastic effects!

Planks are the most popular body exercises these days, and there is a reason for this- this full-body exercise is simple, but it can help you tone the middle part of the body, melt down the belly fat, and strengthen the inner and outer muscles of the back and front, legs, hand, and buttock.

Plants are similar to push-ups in their effects. This challenge involves a gradual increase of the tie you hold your body in a plant position, and the ultimate goal is to manage to hold it for 4 minutes. After four weeks, your muscles’ weight will be emphasized, and your body will be dramatically stronger.

Note that the effects are significantly affected by being able to hold in a proper plank position. The upper body part must be in a straight line when you elevate the toes and elbows. You should breathe deeply, and keep the head, neck, and stomach muscles in a line.

To be able to maintain the balance, you should push up the muscles from the buttock, and divide the weight into the elbows and legs. As soon as you achieve the proper plank position, hold for as much as given below:

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  • Day 1-20 Seconds
  • Day 2-20 Seconds
  • Day 3- 30 Seconds
  • Day 4- 30 Seconds
  • Day 5-40 Seconds

Day 6-Rest

  • Day 7-45 Seconds
  • Day 8-45 Seconds
  • Day 9 60 Seconds
  • Day 10-60 Seconds
  • Day 11-60 Seconds
  • Day 12- 90 Seconds

Day 13- Rest

  • Day 14-90 Seconds
  • Day 15-90 Seconds
  • Day 16- 120 Seconds
  • Day 17-120 Seconds
  • Day 18-150 Seconds

Day 19- Rest

  • Day 20- 150 Seconds
  • Day 21-150 Seconds
  • Day 22-180 Seconds
  • Day 23-180 Seconds
  • Day 24- 210 Seconds

Day 25-Rest

  • Day 26-210 Seconds
  • Day 27-240 Seconds
  • Day 28- try to hold the plank position as much as possible.

Planks are simple, but highly intensive and hard exercises, and you will feel this in the first 20 seconds. Yet, be determined to continue the challenge and you will completely transform your body in 28 days!



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