Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs, Japanese Methods For Curing


The Japanese think that our fingers are connected to 2 organs and you can cure them by massaging them for just 5 minutes.

This is called Jin shin Jitsu and it stimulates certain hand points for emotional and physical energy balance.

How it works:

Take up the finger with the other hand and hold it tightly for three to five minutes to influence an organ.

Take deep breathes and massage each finger for 3 minutes on both hands.

Here is the scheme that shows which organs are connected to each finger:


Organs: spleenwort and stomach

Emotions: Depression and anxiety

Physical symptoms: stomach pain, headache, nervousness and skin issues

Index finger:

Organs: kidney and urinary bladder

Emotions: discontent, fear and confusion

Physical symptoms: back pain, digestive problems, muscle pain and tooth pain

Middle finger:

Organs: liver and yolky bitter

Emotions: irritability, indetermination and rage

Physical symptoms: migraine, headache, circulation problem, tiredness and menstrual pain

Ring finger:

Organs: lungs and large intestines

Emotions: fear, negativity and sadness

Physical symptoms: digestion, skin condition and asthma


Organs: heart and small intestines

Emotions: anxiety, self-esteem and nervousness

Physical symptoms: throat pain, bone problem and heart disease.



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