This Photo Can Tell You If You Might Have Breast Cancer, This Picture Saved Many Lives


Every woman is justifiably scared of breast cancer. This disease is now the most common form of cancer among women and is often deadly. The unfortunate reality is that almost all of us know or have known someone who has suffered from breast cancer.

One of the main problems with breast cancer is that it is often diagnosed far too late for treatment to be effective. Most people are aware of the most common symptom — the lumps that can actually be felt in the breast. If you find one of these lumps, you should see a doctor immediately. Most often they are harmless, but it is always best to be sure.

But what many people don’t know is that a lump is only one of many symptoms that breast cancer can cause. There are many other types of changes to the breast that can also indicate possible breast cancer and not all women know them.

To help raise awareness about these other changes, Erin Smith Chieze from San Diego has posted a very helpful photo online. The picture shows all the various warning signs for breast cancer in a clear illustration made up, of all things, of lemons!

The photo has been sweeping through the internet like wildfire and will hopefully help to save many women’s lives.



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Written by Martin

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