Not Salt, Use This Simple Mixture To Melt Ice


Ice melt is expensive to buy, but you can use household items to melt ice easily.

All you need are the three following ingredients:

  • 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol
  • ½ gallon of warm water
  • 6 drops of dish soap

Put the warm water in a container and mix the dish soap and the alcohol in it. It will melt the ice within seconds and you can use it anywhere. You can place the mixture in a spray bottle and use it easily on your wind shield.

This is not only easier, but more friendly towards the environment.

According to

“In addition to the landscape, the second most visible environmental impact of excess salt usage is damage caused to infrastructure, including roads, bridges, parking decks, sidewalks, doorways and even flooring. Chloride in salts, whether they are in a blended product or not, increase the conductivity of water and accelerate corrosion. All salts, when used in excess, can deteriorate concrete that isn’t properly cured or sealed, and can also cause corrosion and damage to reinforcing rods and structural steel, which results in compromised structural integrity.”



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Written by Martin

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