How To Make A Cream Of Coconut Milk


If your guests are intolerant to dairy products, or vegans, or simply lovers of healthy food, surprise them with healthy cakes. With them you can serve this incredible cream of coconut milk with no additives and the hardener!

If you want to make a good cream, everything must be cooled in the refrigerator. You also need to cool a bowl in which you mix and the mixer blades.

To prepare the cream we need a can of coconut milk, which you also have to cool – overnight.

Don’t muck the can before you open it. For the cream you need to use only solid ingredients.The liquid part can be saved for another recipe.

The solid coconut milk should be mixed with an electric mixer at the medium speed, and after a few minutes you can increase to the maximum speed. Mix about 8 minutes until you notice that the cream stands firmly on the arm. In the end, stir the sugar and vanilla extract and mix for one minute. You can play around with the ingredients and add lemon zest, cocoa powder, almond extract spice for pumpkin pie etc.




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Written by Martin

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