The Shape Of Your Fingertips Reveals What Kind Of Person You Are


Use the shape of your fingertips to find out what type of person you are.

Type A

You are emotional, eccentric and arrogant. You hate hypocrisy and lies. You act stronger then you are. You like to help others. You always finish things. You are cold with new people but very loving to those close to you.

Type B

You are loyal, sensitive and independent. You don’t take initiative, you pretend like everything is alright,  you are soft- hearted and damaged. You want someone that loves and gives to you.

Type C

You are intrusive, with big ego and always know what you want and don’t want. You are easily provoked but you don’t hold grudges. You respect other people and always apologize first. You don’t display your feelings and you don’t like pretending. People trust and rely on you. You are soft-hearted.



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Written by Martin

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