Reach Your Feet And Do This Every Night Before Bed



Self massage can provide you comfort and relieve. Also, many physicians have said that this healing technique before going to bed includes many health benefits.

I am sure you already know that the massage is great for the blood flow. Moreover, it also stimulates the process of secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands, boosts the metabolism, reduces the subcutaneous fats level, improves oxygenation in the tissues, improves the health of the skin and makes it more resistant, flexible and smoother.

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Additionally, the massage is also popular for its positive effects on the muscles. Massage makes them stronger, more flexible and relieves the tension in any muscle. Lactic acid is one of the biggest reasons for muscle pain and spasm. But, massage helps in eliminating of the accumulations of this acid.

Massage stimulates and boosts the digestion process and also it can be used as an addition to some existing treatment or as a separate treatment for many health conditions.

Pain can be relieved by using this technique and by pressing certain points of the foot. Moreover, this technique can even treat certain diseases in different body organs. This has been practiced in many countries for centuries.

Specialists advise performing this procedure every day, before going to bed. It will take you 10-15 minutes massaging daily to feel the positive effects after few days.

Feet are among the easiest parts of the body you can give a self-massage, and it’s something that can be done wherever you happen to be.

Reflexology foot massage is an incredible healing procedure that can alleviate many symptoms such as headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, as well as help treat the fundamental reason of many diseases like liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure.

When the proper reflexology foot massage techniques are used, this experience can be one of the most enjoyable. The right foot massage is the strongest stress relieving treatment, and also it is a great way to finish a full body massage.

Take a good look at the picture and massage the point of the specified organ or the whole foot to improve your overall health.



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