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Tooth enamel is the translucent outer covering of the teeth and it protects them from daily wear and tear of grinding, crunching, biting, and chewing. Once it erodes, the main part of the tooth gets exposed and it can cause sensitivity and pain. This is a big deal and when it is gone it will never grow back.

As a matter of fact, 37% of the children in the USA suffer from enamel erosion. For this reason you must not wait until it is too late to protect your enamel. Try these natural ways of protecting your teeth:

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  • Soak beans and nuts – the phytic acid destroys tooth enamel and nuts and beans contain a great amount of it. For this reason, consume them after you soak them overnight in salt or lemon water, and then rinse and dehydrate them in the oven.
  • Do nor brush your teeth immediately after eating – rinsing is recommended, but brushing immediately after eating must be avoided. This is so because the acidic foods soften the tooth enamel, thus you better wait for 30 minutes after eating in order to allow enough time for the saliva to neutralize the acid and re-mineralize the teeth. This procedure will protect your teeth against further damage from the acidic foods.
  • Sugar-free gum – this will help your mouth produce more saliva and this is the body’s natural response for strengthening the teeth with a mineral influx.
  • Use a straw – in this way you can prevent the acid in soda, fruit juices, and flavored waters from splashing around your mouth. This is not the perfect fix and also water is still advocated as the main liquid in your diet, but the straw may help you protect your teeth.
  • Rinse – rinse your mouth with some water after your meals or after consuming acidic foods and drinks in order to remove the dangerous acids.
  • Consume more cheese – according to some reports, cheese can prevent the enamel from eroding, thus consume it more often.
  • Coconut oil – if you add some healthy fats into your diet you may be able to protect your tooth enamel erosion. Just add the oil into your diet (1 tbsp.) in the morning onto your smoothie or eta, or just use it instead of butter or olive oil while cooking.



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