5 Signs That You’re Not Fat, You’re Just Bloated And How To Fix It


Your pants are getting awfully snug, and overall, you just don’t feel that great. You probably think you’re getting fat, but there’s a good chance you aren’t – you’re just bloated.


  1. You’re not drinking enough water

Just like going on a crash diet causes the body go into starvation mode and hold onto that stubborn fat, the body begins to retain fluid when it’s dehydrated. If you feel like you’re retaining fluid, it may seem like you need to do the opposite, but you actually need to drink more water – avoid carbonated drinks, as that will likely make the problem worse.

  1. You have a gluten intolerance

While only a very small percentage of people have an actually gluten allergy, many more have an intolerance to gluten. If you feel bloated after eating foods with gluten, like bread, pasta or cereal, that might be the problem as it causes gas to build up, resulting in extreme bloating and discomfort.

Try avoiding foods with gluten for a couple of weeks, or ideally, 30 days, and keep track of how you feel. If the bloat is disappearing, you’re likely gluten intolerant.

  1. You’re stressed out

If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, that could be the reason for your bloating. That’s because it can cause a number of hormonal changes, many of which are related to digestion.

One of the best things to do is to practice deep breathing or meditation regularly – it will get your digestive system back on track, and eliminate that bloat, in no time.

  1. You’re constipated

If you haven’t been going regularly, you’re going to start to feel bloated. Constipation indicates that you need to consume more fiber-rich foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, but you’ll need to add them gradually to your diet to avoid making the situation worse.

  1. You scarf down your food

If you tend to gulp down your meals, you should know that eating too quickly, as well as drinking through a straw can result in swallowing bubbles of air, causing gas to be created in the intestines, leading to uncomfortable bloat.

Remember, that even when you’re feeling famished, you should always chew slowly and thoroughly – and, avoid drinking from a straw.

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