You Need To Know The Side Effects Of Grapefruit Juice


A lot of people have to take medications on a daily basis. But, why it is not recommended to combine medication with fresh grapefruit juice? The reason is because it can cause dangerous interactions with certain medications.

 It is known for a long period of time that medications can interact one between another in different ways and that is generally listed on every package of the medication.

There are different researches on these interactions is just starting, but it is already known that grapefruit juice can have an adverse effect over the effectiveness of the medication.

Grapefruit and its juice can interact with a lot of medications, usually by increasing the concentration of the active ingredient. Different studies have shown that grapefruit can slow the drug metabolism that increases the concentration of blood serum of the active ingredient in the medication.

At the moment it is known that around 100 drugs can interact with grapefruit and its juice, such as sleep aid, pain relievers, drugs for treating high blood pressure (like beta blockers) and antihistamines that are used for treating allergy symptoms.

Current research also showed an adverse interaction with oral contraceptives that caused raised level of estradiol in the blood serum. It is a form of estrogen that is used in oral contraceptives and could raise the side effects including breast tenderness and can raise the risk of thrombosis.

Drug package inserts usually do not include warnings about the adverse interactions with foods – but when it comes to grapefruit, this information is extremely important. In order to reduce the risk of adverse reactions, you have to swallow the tablets with water.



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