Health Benefits Of Eating And Rubbing Frozen Aloe In The Body



Aloe Vera (aloe vera) works to purify the digestive system, and is an excellent choice to take care of the skin. If you freeze the crystal of this plant, you will take better advantage of its benefits, since all its properties remain intact.

Reasons to freeze aloe vera (crystal of aloe vera)

The properties of aloe vera act immediately. But when it takes too long a time exposed on the outside to the cold (in the refrigerator), to UV rays, wind, dust your gel may lose effectiveness.

There are other ways to conserve this plant, such as with simple gestures such as heating and leaving it in a container that maintains the temperature. But the best way is to freeze aloe

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How to freeze aloe vera

To freeze the aloe vera first removes the outer skin with the help of a sharp knife, very carefully not to damage the glass. Once the skin has been removed, the translucent layer (glass) is removed with a spoon and placed in a plastic container, preferably having several separate spaces such as a bucket. Being a gel molds to the space of the container, and thus is easier to use. And finally you place it in the freezer. This way you can keep it for as many days as you want.

How to apply aloe vera

Face mask of aloe vera and frozen cucumber has better consistency. Leave the mask on for several days in the refrigerator to use it every day until it runs out. When you apply it in just about 5 minutes it will again have the gelatinous texture again.

Benefits of aloe vera

-Works wonderfully against minor burns
-Effective for relieving heartburn
-To relieve pain and prevent wound infections
-Recommended for varicose veins thanks to its analgesic properties
-Relieve blisters on feet, irritation or some fungus
-Treats skin problems like acne
-Helps keep skin hydrated

It should be applied both in the morning and at night. First wash any affected area with warm water and then apply the aloe cubes.

There are several natural recipes with aloe, to elaborate them we can use as base the aloe vera frozen of which we have spoken at the beginning. It is a very comfortable solution with multiple benefits that we cannot ignore.



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