Useful Hacks That Will Help You Make It Through The Winter Without Injuries And High Electricity Bills

Everyone will agree with us that it is always better to spend the winter enjoying than suffering. However, sometimes, there are certain things that can start irritate us and make us think that we will never solve our problems.

These tricks are going to be very useful for you this winter.

-Wash your jacket together with tennis balls

If you want to bring the isolation and the comfort back to your old winter jacket, you will just need to put several tennis balls in the washing machine alongside it.

-The frozen lock can be easily unlocked with the help of warm key

If you are not able to unlock the lock, try warming the key previously. This technique won’t unfreeze the entire mechanism, but it will be enough to help you turn the key.

-You can use your credit card for cleaning the frost

In order to clean the frost from your windows, you can use your old credit card. If you use a metal instead, you put the glass to risk of damage.

-Send and glue – the best solution for cold weather

Apply some glue onto the soles of your shoes and then step into some send. Repeat this process every two or three days, as the glue won’t stay for too long. You will never slip again!

-Place your boots on gravel in order to dry them more easily

Take an old tray and put some gravel in it. Place your boots on the gravel, and they will get dry almost instantly.

-Remove the sweater pilings using a razor

You can use a regular, barely used razor in order to gently remove the sweater pilings.

-Use a nourishing cream to protect your skin from flaking

If your skin starts flaking during the cold days, you should use a nourishing cream instead of hydrating one.

-Isolation will protect you from draft

Use these great decorations to isolate your home and protect yourself from the draft. Place them bellow your doors and windows.

-Turn your old sweater into gloves

If you have some old sweaters you do not wear anymore, but you do not want to throw away, you can use them for making a pair of modern, warm gloves.

-Use a cream to make your hair softer

Apply some cream onto your hands and then put your messy hair in order with it.

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Written by Martin

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