9 Strange Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms


The human body is a complex combination of a number of biological cycles and systems that frequently are difficult for us, humans, to understand. One of these systems is the set of defense mechanisms of our body. These defense mechanisms protect our body from harm nonstop –  they are literally active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they protect us from all the things that can possibly do a harm to our body.

Here we present you some of the numerous defense mechanisms that our body does and that we might not even have realized are responsible for defense and protection of our body.


Once our brain becomes overheated or overloaded, we yawn, as a way to cool our brain down.


Once our nasal passages fill up with a number of allergens, dust, microbes, and other irritants, we sneeze. This is actually our body’s method of elimination of all that trash.


Most people stretch instinctively in order to prepare the body for the physical loads waiting for us throughout the upcoming day. Stretching is also good for the muscles, for the blood flow, as it restores it, and for the mood, as it improves it.


Eating quickly and swallowing big pieces of food or simply overeating is bad and can irritate our pneumogastric nerve, which is closely linked to our stomach and diaphragm. So, the hiccups show up as a warning and a way to protect our diaphragm and stomach.

Myoclonic jerks

You probably have experienced the strange feeling once gets when they lie down to go to sleep and the drifting off of the body which is jolted for a moment by what it resembles an electric shock. This is the moment when all of the body muscles spasm so strongly so that you nearly fall out of bed, and you immediately wake up.

Sound familiar? Now let’s explain what exactly is happening when you experience this. When you start falling asleep, the frequency of your breathing quickly falls, while the pulse slows down only very slightly and the muscles are relaxed. Unbelievably, but the brain interprets these developments as heralding death, so it gives you a jolt in order to try and save you.

Wrinkling of the skin

You know the wrinkles that appear on the skin of the hands? Well, they are important, as this is a phenomenon that occurs when the body encounters a raised amount of moisture and realizes that the environment might be slippery. Thanks to this immediate change of the skin on the hands it is easier for you to grip smooth surfaces.

Loss of memory

This is an occurrence that most commonly happens after some unpleasant experiences. Hence, the brain finds it most appropriately to literally delete the most awful moments from the memory that might cause distress.


Goosebumps mainly appear in order to reduce the amount of heat the body loses through the pores of the skin. This way, it is easier for us to warm ourselves when in inhospitable climatic conditions.


We all know that the tears protect the mucous membrane of the eyes when it gets into contact with some foreign objects. Another protective function of the tears is the function of ‘emotional defense’. According to scientists, when a person is in some stressful situation, the body creates a new, potent source of irritation so that it distracts the person from the pain they experience at the particular moment.

These facts are only a part of the reasons we need to be very grateful to our bodies for protecting us every single day. This means that you can relax, because your body has got everything covered.



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Written by Martin

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