Warning: Stop Eating This Every Day, This Can Kill You


Food needs to be preserved and prepared carefully so we don’t get food poisoning. The following is a list of foods that may be dangerous for consumption:

Mushrooms – fatal poison can be found in 6% of toxic mushrooms

Rhubarb – eating this plant can cause kidney stones and can sometimes be fatal. This is due to oxalic acid in the green leaves.

Beans – this only referes to beans that contain lectins which function as antibiotics do in the human body. Consuming them may cause diarrhea  and vomiting.

Apples – if you eat a lot of applels, which contain cyanide, you may get poisoned.

Tomatoes – people who suffer from rheumatism are not recommended to eat tomatoes due to toxin tomatin found in  the leaves and green parts in tomatoes.

Potatoes – eating green potatoes can be sometimes fatal due to the glycoalkaloids poison.

Brazilian nuts – these nuts can be dangerous due to their natural radioactivity.

Cherries – if you eat cherry seeds you may suffer from poisoning, increase in the body temperature and breathing difficulties due to cyanide.

Nutmeg – overdose on nutmeg may cause psychological damage due to its hallucinogenic properties.

Puffer fish  due to toxicity this food may cause paralysis or death.



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Written by Martin

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